Would You Rather…? Bare Bums on the Runway Edition

Nudity on the runway is nothing new–really, what are nipples if not nature’s free accessories? However, there are certain instances of unabashed nakedness in fashion that still manage to befuddle us: Namely, the bare behind. Ok, so technically this male model at the Hannes Kettritz menswear show in Berlin had some sort of sheer (and we mean sheer) paneling going on on that dainty derriere of his. Maybe he liked the easy breezy qualities that only a half-finished garment such as this one can possess. Or maybe he specifically requested a design that would best exhibit his ample… tramp stamp (it is a beaut!). (See the front of the outfit at BuzzFeed Shift.)

Or maybe, just maybe, he was trying to out-ass Karlie Kloss’s ass-tastic, totally sheer Dior gown, which the teen (barely) wore to close out the spring 2012 catwalk during her naked-Karlie phase. If that’s the case (which, less face it, probably is!), we have to hand it to him–he’s truly given Karlie a run for her bum. And those orange socks really add something special.

So which tush looks more terrific, which booty more beautiful: Karlie at Dior or the Hannes Kettriz bum boy? And how long will we have to wait to see these sheer skirts on the Sartorialist?


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