Is This the Ultimate WAG Swag? Soccer-Ball Adorned Eveningwear Hits the Runway at Berlin Fashion Week

Photo: Getty

We know what you’re thinking (hoping/wishing), and no, that lovely creation to the left isn’t part of a surprise collaboration between David and Victoria Beckham. Nor did it result from an upcoming Project Runway challenge in a soccer stadium.

It’s actually part of a capsule collection from German designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and Puma in celebration of Germany’s national soccer championship team Borussia Dortmund (BVB)’s new uniform–can you guess its team colors? Staged at Berlin Fashion Week, the runway show had more to offer than just the ultimate in WAG ball gown. According to WWD, the collection featured both womenswear and menswear in soccer club BVB’s black and yellow motif, including soccer-inspired headdresses, a Puma logo-bodice princess gown, and a sports tuxedo for which the designer “scored points.” Oh, WWD, you so funny sometimes!

Kretschmer doesn’t limit himself to sportswear (in the most literal sense): He’s a huge designer in Germany, making uniforms for everything from airlines to hotel staff, as well as red carpet wear for the country’s fashion elite. And while it seems only probable that these pieces won’t go into actual mass-production, we bet Lady Gaga‘s seriously kicking herself for not getting her (goalie) mitts on these kits for some sort of Euro Cup celebration.

Click through for more of Guido Maria Kretschmer x Puma’s insane and amazing soccer-themed looks from BFW.

All photos: Getty


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