Kanye West’s Nike Sneakers Sell on eBay for Nearly $90,000

How high will the bids go? Photo: Getty

His designs may not be such a hit with the fashion crowd but Kanye West‘s name can still command a huge price tag–when it comes to sneakers, anyway.

Kanye’s new kicks for Nike, the Air Yeezy 2, don’t come out until Saturday but some resourceful people have somehow gotten their hands on the much-hyped shoes and already listed them on eBay—for a lot of money.

Most of the sneaks are being listed for anywhere between $2,000-$7,000, but one pair–yes, one pair–fetched the mindblowingly high price of $89,100, TMZ is reporting.

Now, if anyone understands the siren call of the perfect shoe, it’s us. But $89,000? For sneakers? Sneakers that will hit stores this Saturday for a paltry $245???

That’s almost as silly as Tyler Shields destroying a $100,000 Birkin bag for publicity ‘art.’

And if you need proof, here is the screengrab of the listing (which is no longer available on eBay), courtesy of TMZ:


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