On-Site Office Chair Massage LA

Our office massage specialists will help take care of you and your company.

The potential benefits of chair massage are quite broad and substantive, benefits that can make a real and lasting impact in your working environment. These benefits are not only measurable in scientific studies but are also felt by each and every recipient of massage. This is what makes chair massage such a valuable service to bring to your work environment. These distinct benefits translate very well as thank you’s and rewards for employees who work hard for your business. Whether you want to reward employees for that final push on the last big project or say thank you periodically for all their hard work, chair massage is a benefit that counts.

Workplace Chair Massage
Will Help Employees:
-Decrease Aches and Pain
-Reduce Stress
-Lessen Anxiety
-Increase Morale
-Improve Immune Function
-Decrease Chance of Injury
and more!

Help Your Business:
-Increase Productivity
-Decrease Absenteeism
-Improve Retention Rates
-Elevate Morale
-Motivate Employees

Chair massage in the workplace can also be utilized to provide a relationship building, inter-office gift. This makes a great gift to valuable clients and their teams. Royal Care Therapeutics offers gift massage packages including attractively designed, printed, wrapped and delivered gift certificates. We can send directly to the client, have delivered via a service for an extra personal touch, or deliver the massage gift certificate to you so that you can present it personally to the client. The point is we will do whatever it takes to help you make chair massage a memorable gift to your important clients. We can help carry out surprise chair massage giftings as well – just ask.

Massage in the office is a great benefit, boosting office morale, increasing and enhancing productivity and alleviating stress. Royal Care can meet all of your company’s needs in the corporate, workplace and office massage arena. With a strong network of therapists throughout the US and Canada we can coordinate corporate office massage services throughout the US and Canada. Our chair massage therapists present professionally and are trained and experienced in chair massage. Each therapist is licensed and certified as required in each location and carries professional liability insurance.

Along with office massage Royal Care Therapeutics provides chair massage in a variety of corporate, workplace, event and marketing venues.
Please call to book at 213-793-1917


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