Yes, You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Those Velvet Chanel Logo Beauty Spots from the 2013 Cruise Show (UPDATE: No, Sadly, You Won’t)

Photo: Elle France Twitter

As much as we adore the generally flaw-free Karl Lagerfeld and the majority of his creative decisions regarding all that is Chanel, we have to admit that we were a little… conflicted about the hair and makeup we saw at yesterday’s 2012 Chanel Cruise showat Versailles. Those weird candy colored bob wigs with George Washington ponytails sticking out, the Groucho Marx brows, the rosy shadow that gave the models a sort of extreme version of pink-eye. But upon closer inspection, there was something rather endearing hovering on all those impossibly high cheekbones: Tiny double ‘C’ Chanel logos in place of beauty marks, a cheeky (ha!) ode to Versailles’s most fashionable former resident, Marie Antoinette.

We assumed the tiny logos had been expertly drawn on by makeup artist Peter Philips but nay! is reporting that the mini face creations were appliques that will soon be available for purchase by Karl’s adoring public. Even more exciting? They’re VELVET. That’s right. You’re going to be rubbing your little Chanel’d-out cheek all day long. So, maybe also invest in some Clearasil.

The beauty marks are apparently going to be sold as part of a makeup set aptly called the Collection Versailles de Chanel, which will also include a highlighter and that pink shadow… which we’d recommend saving for your Jem Halloween costume. We still don’t know when they’ll be available, but we can. Not. Wait. So what do you think, will you be wearing Chanel on your visage?

UPDATE: We’ve just confirmed with Chanel that these stickers will actually not be available for sale. So start practicing your double-C technique with an eyebrow pencil. Sad.


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