Marc Jacobs’ Lace Met Ball Dress Is Sold Out


Remember the show-stopping ensemble Marc Jacobs wore to the Met Ball and then dismissed to reporters as “just a lace dress?” Clearly, the black lace polo dress he threw on that night, via Comme des Garcons spring 2012 menswear collection(yes, it is in fact meant for men), made more of an impact than Jacobs had anticipated.The hounds over at Daily Front Row did some investigating and found out that sadly, the dress had sold out entirely at Barneys. So if you’re looking to recreate the look for, say, Halloween or maybe your daily life, you’re out of luck. Whether the dress sold out before or after Jacobs strutted down the red carpet in it is unclear. What is clear: Jacobs must have excellent taste. It doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else.

The pilgrim shoes, which Jacobs sent down the runway with his fall 2012 collection, obviously aren’t in stores yet, but we wonder if he’ll have the same selling power for his own stuff that he did for Rei Kawakubo’s.


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