Makeup Tips for the Late Summer Glow

Have you spent much of your summer in the sun? If so, you have probably worked up a nice summer glow to carry you well into late fall.

Changing skin tones also means changing makeup to complement your darker tint. Here are a few ideas to enhance your look for summer’s end:

Don’t abuse the matte. If your skin has a healthy glow, don’t cover it up with thick, matted makeup. Instead, highlight your tone with bronzer or a dark powder and blush.

Go nude. Nude or pale pink lipstick shades play down your flushed cheeks; to give your lips a little plump, roll on lip gloss.

Mute the eyes. Wearing too much makeup and dark colors on tanned skin can appear heavy. The goal is to enhance your natural features, so play up your eyes with eyeliner and a soft brown eyeshadow.

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One thought on “Makeup Tips for the Late Summer Glow

  1. if you want to protect your skin in summer use moisturiser with an SPF factor of 15 or higher in daily use this also help in fighting with signs of aging like sun spots and fine lines. Apply your SPF moisturiser to a clean face and allow 10 minutes for it to absorb before applying your foundation

    keep the good work your article is quite good

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