The Best Met Gala Red Carpet Hair (And How To Get It) According to Lana Lennox

The fifth Met Ball last night and sat with Tomas Maier and the Bottega Veneta team, as well as Mark Ruffalo and Martha Stewart. (What do you suppose they all talked about?)

Anyway,  here is some styles of attendees Jessica Alba, Jessica Chastain, and Kristen Stewart. We noticed a distinct pattern of glamorous, bouncy waves there, so wanted to pick his brain a bit about whether or not this is a trend that has legs, how to maintain “big night out” hair, and who he thinks got it right last night.

As far as those bouncy waves: “It’s more than just a trend,” “Trends fade out. This look is always appropriate.” But it’s high maintenance, right? Nope. A few years ago night-out hair used to take two or three hours; now it’s possible to do it in 30 minutes. Here’s what the master told us:

•Prepare the hair with a volumizer mousse at the roots.
•Dry the roots.
•Add a bit of wave spray (which acts like modern setting lotion).
•Put in really hot rollers–control the amount of curl by using smaller sections. Voila.

My biggest question was how do you keep it looking so neat and bouncy, especially on a drizzly night like last night was? He recommended a hit of hair serum and a healthy dose of hair spray to act like a “rain coat.”

Besides the  girls, what other coifs did we love? Amy Adams, Coco Rocha, Kate Bosworth and Carey Mulligan all made his list. “Oh, and the girl [Michelle Dockery] from Downton Abbey! She looked amazing to me,” he told us. “I love that show, of course.” Us, too. And what about a look he’d like to see go away?

We dont love the messy beach-head look for a formal occasion. “I think there is an attitude now that it’s quite ‘cool’ to not be too dressed up, to have a little bit of contrast with the dress where they leave their hair down,”  “I think it’s fine, but my opinion on this is that I’m sure people regret it when they look at the photo the next day.”

We agree with hair choices, but click through for some other ladies that we’d add to the Met Gala best dressed list.


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