5 people you need to stop stressing about

Your Ex: There’s a reason they are called “exes” and not “currents”. They were in your life, now they’re not. End of story. Look at a tough break up as a chance to grow as a person, and be thankful for all the emotions you are feeling. At least you are feeling something, and that is beautiful.

Your “Best Friend”: Giving someone the label of “best friend” puts a lot of pressure on your interactions. Often times they will disappoint you. Just enjoy the friendship of this person, enjoy the good, leave the bad and get on with living.

Your Arch Nemesis: Everyone has a person that really grinds their gears. Perhaps they stabbed you in the back; maybe you just hated them from the start. Too often, we are forced to interact with this person in one capacity or another. Stop wasting your emotional energy on this person and redirect into bettering yourself. Through improving yourself you will be able to get your come uppance on your nemesis in a healthy way.

Your Crush: You really like this person. A lot. Sometimes you feel consumed by thinking about them. They are everything you think you want. And you are terrified. Nothing is a turn off like desperation, so stop stressing about your love interest and let things play out how they may. Even if things go horribly, you will have saved yourself a lot of mental anguish in the process.

Yourself: No one stresses you out more than yourself. Your faults, your quirks, your hopes, dreams, failures and successes can all be a source of stress. It is important to consider a larger idea when going through your day to day life: Am I doing what I need to be in order to be happy?


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