Spa Week and Coastal Bathroom Decor

Today marks the beginning of spa week.  Here is an idea for a  master bathroom with coastal decor items and a spa-like feel.  I hate clutter so   baskets and sliding trays in cabinets can be used to keep things tidy and out of sight.  We like the idea of incorporating luxury with simple design elements.

Here are a few examples of how designers have added a spa-like feel to master bathrooms:

I love the coastal palette used with this bathroom.  The simple white towels and the bowl of sponges help complete the spa look.

This bathroom’s soothing palette brings to mind pure luxury.  The candles and flower arrangements are a nice touch too!

The simple design adds to the relaxing atmosphere created in the decor of this bathroom.

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Of course, I love the shells displayed here.  🙂

Talk about organization!

The basket of towels below the sink is very handy.

This is a cute idea for smaller bathrooms.


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