Want to Smell Like a MacBook? There’s a Perfume for That

Air Aroma

You know that amazing, intoxicating scent that envelops you when you open a brand new Apple product? No? Well, apparently it’s a thing and there is now a perfume that aims to perfectly capture that scent, in case you wanted to hold onto it a little longer.

Air Aroma, the company that concocted the strange perfume, cited the MacBook Pro, specifically, as their main inspiration. Air Aroma Sales Manager Alexandre Cosic described the scent to Co. Design: “It smells like a mixture of ink, paper, foam, sticky tape, and the Macbook with a hint of glue smell.” Lovely.

While we can appreciate liking that scent and not wanting to purchase an Apple product every time you crave it, a MacBook Pro doesn’t quite sound like something people should want to smell like. Then again, neither does money, burgers, or blood and semen for that matter, but there are perfumes that smell like those things, too.

The fragrance was created for an art installation in Australia, but according to Co. Design, Air Aroma is now looking for distributors. Do you think they have a successful fragrance on their hands?


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