How Much Does Wedding Day Make-up Cost?

Typical costs:
On the low end, hair and makeup might cost a total of $70, for a one-time makeup application and an updo or partial updo, at the artist’s salon.
In the mid-range, it might cost $150 or more for an experienced artist to travel to the wedding.
And on the high end, it can cost $350 to $500 or more for a big-name artist to travel to the wedding and stick around for touch-ups during photos.
Cost depends heavily on geographic location; large cities can cost double or triple. Makeup artists also charge more if they have to travel to the wedding location and charge an hourly rate of $50 to $125 or more to remain onsite for touch-ups.
The average bride spends $183 on hair and makeup, according to the Bridal Association of America.
What should be included:
Many wedding makeup artists offer a free consultation and trial run a few months or a few weeks before the wedding. Others charge $100 or more for them.
Additional costs:
Some makeup artists will ask that you provide some or all of your own makeup. Buying makeup can add between $50 and $300 or more to your cost.
Do not forget to factor in a tip, which would be 15 to 25 percent of the total cost.
Some businesses offer package discounts if a certain number of attendants or family members get their hair and makeup done at the same place.
Shopping for wedding day make-up:
When you go to a consultation, bring photos of colors and styles you like. Also, bring a photo of your dress. During the consultation, let the stylist experiment, and when you find a look you like, make sure she writes everything gives advice on how to get the wedding hair and makeup you want.
Think about the logistics of your wedding day and how long you want your makeup to last. Hand applied makeup can last eight to ten hours, while airbrushed makeup lasts a few hours longer.
Be sure to start looking for a makeup artist and hairstylist well in advance of your wedding. Some name artists are booked a year or more in advance.
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